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Rotastak Space Attic Bedroom

12 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Accessories | Comments
Rotastak Space Attic Bedroom

The Space Attic Bedroom let’s you add to your hamster, gerbil, mouse or other small pet’s Space fanasty-themed home. Combine it with the Rotastak Lunar Module, the Rotastak Space Command Unit or the Rotastak Mission Pod to expand the intergalactic fun.

The Space Attic Bedroom attaches to the top of your Rotastak housing unit easy using the included tunnels. Like all of our plastic hamster cages and accessories, it is compatible with the entire Rotastak line of small pet cages.

We work hard to build small pet cages that reflect your pet’s needs. Small pets like to sleep in small spaces, and arrange their living areas with separate areas for eating, sleeping, exercise and foraging.

Small pets are natural burrowers and tunnelers, and the tubes simulate their natural environment. That’s why we always include plenty of tunnels and tubes with all of our plastic hamster cages. They offer exercise for your pet, and fun for you as you watch them climb and navigate. The tubes and tunnels can also be used to attach several Rotastak housing units to expand your small pets space.

Rotastak Space Attic Bedroom

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