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Rotastak Attic Bedroom

12 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Accessories | 1 comment
Rotastak Attic Bedroom

The Attic Bedroom let’s you expand your hamster’s home to add space and fun. Combine it with the any of our Rotastak plastic hamster cages to expand your small pet’s space.

The Attic Bedroom attaches quickly to the top of your Rotastak housing unit using the included tunnels. Like all of our plastic hamster cages and accessories, it is compatible with the entire Rotastak line of small pet cages. It features a see-through plastic top to ensure you never miss a move.

Rotastak work hard to understand small pets and build cages to suit their needs. Small animals enjoy creating their own living spaces with divided areas for sleeping, playing, eating and living. That’s why our small pet cages offer plenty of space.

You’ll notice from your pet’s tendency to forage that he is a natural burrower and tunneler. We include tubes and tunnels with all of our plastic hamster cages to allow your pet to exercise in an environment that simulates his natural space. Watching him climb and run will be as much run for you as is is for him.

  1. Gwen Lamb03-13-11

    We have just bought a rotaskak suoer pod which is fantastic our only problem is that on the back of the box is shows that an additional segment can be purchased to make the pod longer, however we have been unable to find this anywhere. Can you please advise where we could buy this from. Thanks

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