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Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit

08 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Accessories | 1 comment
Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit

Your small pet’s home can be as big as your imagination! The Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit lets you expand any Rotastak plastic hamster cage to suit your space. Build curvy tunnels to let your hamster, gerbil or mouse explore the would outside of his hamster cage safely, or create a shortcut he can use from an upper level to the food level. Alternatively, you can use this kit to connect two or more hamster cages to create a larger living area for your small pet. Combine it with the Rotastak Tunnel Kit for even more tube fun.

At Rotastak we understand small pets. That’s why we’ve created the Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit to simulate their natural habitat. It lets them exercise their instinct to burrow and tunnel safely. In nature, small animals enjoy tunneling in enclosed spaces, and this is just one more way we try to make your small pet comfortable in his new home.

The tubes are made of cheerfully coloured see-through plastic that let you watch your hamster as he explores. The tubes are easy to connect, take apart and clean. Just like all of our small pet cages and accessories, the curvy tubes are compatible with the entire Rotastak line to let you update your pet’s housing when ever you like. The curvy tubes can be arranged in so many different ways that you’ll never run out of fun ideas!

Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit Rotastak Curvy Tube Kit
  1. Lucy08-08-11

    Does the curvy tube kit fit onto the maxi mansion? Thanks.

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