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Rotastak Lunar Module

12 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | 2 comments
Rotastak Lunar Module

Everyone dreams of being an astronaut! Your hamster can live like one in the Rotastak Lunar Module. This round living unit has all of the practical things your small pet needs, and some that are just for fun. The round main living unit attaches to a Space Sphere and Tube Kit that let’s him fully explore his world. You can rearrange the tubes to change the look and layout whenever you like. You’ll have hours of fun watching your hamster exercise on the Space themed Rainbow Runner, and navigating the tubes and Space Spheres. The Spheres offer your small pet the opportunity to turn around in the tubes, and offer a 360 degree view of your space.

At Rotastak we design products especially to make your small pet cage feel like a home. The tubes allow your hamster, gerbil or mouse to move around the cage in unconventional ways, and offer you the entertainment of watching him learn to navigate them. Small pets are natural burrowers and tunnelers, and our products offer them the chance to do what comes naturally, safely.

You can use Curvy Tubes, Rotastak Tunnel Kits or extra Space Sphere and Tube Kits to connect one or more Rotastak units to expand the fun. As part of the Space fantasy-themed series, the Rotastak Lunar Module looks great with the Rotastak Space Command Unit and the Rotastak Mission Pod. Are you and your small pet ready to blast off?

Rotastak Lunar Module
  1. Jonathan Howells07-29-11

    We have purchased the Lunar Module for our son and will be purchasing two Dwarf Hamsters on his Birthday next month. The box says that it is easily adaptable for use with Dwarf Hamsters but there is no mention of how this is achieved. Is it though the use of mouse ladders to allow them to climb up the larger smooth tubes or am I missing something?


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