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Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun

06 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | Comments
Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun

There’s so much to do in the Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun your small pet will never be bored. This colourful plastic hamster cage features a main living area with food bowl, water bottle and and easy to open hatch giving you easy access to your hamster, gerbil or mouse. There are two entrances to the upstairs room of the hamster cage, a straight tube, and a tunnel. The Tunnel of Fun features a round sphere in its center to allow your pet to change directions easily. The attic loft is a great place for a quick nap, and features a see-through dome, allowing you to always see what your hamster is doing.

Small pets are our speciality, and we know you want your to be happy and healthy. That’s why we design all of our Rotastak small pet cages with their needs in mind. Small animals love to burrow, forage and tunnel, and our small pet cages offer them the maximum space to do all of those things. The attic loft mimics the types of spaces small animals would naturally sleep in, making them feel comfortable and secure.

Just like all of our plastic hamster cages, the Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of fun combines with our other small pet cages and accessories to expand you fun. Adding a Wonder Wheel will keep your pet healthy and fit, and additional tunnels and tubes let him explore to his hearts content. You’ll have hours of fun customizing your small pet’s cage.

Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun Rotastak Maxi Tunnel of Fun

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