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Rotastak Mission Pod

06 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | 1 comment
Rotastak Mission Pod

Houston we have fun! The Rotastak Mission Pod plastic hamster cage will keep you and your small pet entertained for hours on end. This Space fantasy-themed wire and plastic hamster cage features Amazing Curvy Tubing that runs ‘up and over’ the cage like a catwalk. Your small pet can see his house from up there! The tubes feature two spheres so your pet can change directions and turn around in the tubes. The mezzanine level leads to a wheel for exercise, and the enclosure features two water bottles because your hamster is going to be thirsty after all that running.  The bright blue and yellow colouring will light up any space.

Small animals like hamsters, gerbils and mice love tunneling and burrowing. That’s why all of our plastic hamster cages are customizable to offer them as many tunnels as possible to simulate their natural living environment.

You can combine the Mission Pod with our other Space-themed hamster cages, like the Rotastak Space Command Unit or the Rotastak Lunar Module to build your own space station. The Space Sphere and Tubing Kit let’s you fully customize your hamster cage to add even more space adventure and fun to your hamster’s day. See how high he can climb, or just offer him a more creative way to get to the food dish.

Rotastak Mission Pod Rotastak Mission Pod

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