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Rotastak Pink Palace

06 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | 2 comments
Rotastak Pink Palace

Treat your hamster like the princess she is with the Rotastak Pink Palace hamster cage.  It comes with everything you need to pamper your small pet, including lots of curvy tubing, a mini gym room with a Rotastak Pink Fun Wheel wheel to keep her in shape, and a pink attic loft where she can survey her kingdom (she doesn’t know it’s just the top of your desk). Just like all of our plastic hamster cages, it features an easy to open hatch so you can take your pet out to play.

Mice, gerbils and hamsters love to have different spaces for different activities, and you’ll be amazed watching yours set up her new home in this plastic hamster cage. The attic loft found on most of our hamster cages is cozy and compact to simulate a small animal’s natural living environment, and helps your pet feel safe in her new home.

Small pets love to burrow and tunnel, and the amazing curvy tubes are designed to simulate their natural habitat. We know you want to be able to see what your hamster is up to all the time, so the tubes and attic loft are all made of see-through plastic so you never miss a second. Rearrange the tubes to add new challenges, or attach another Pink themed unit like the Rotastak Magic Maze hamster cage to double the pink and the fun. Just don’t be surprised when she requests a tiny crown.

Rotastak Pink Palace Rotastak Pink Palace
  1. nikita byers05-18-11

    This is gorgeous!! Mine is coming in 6-9 days, cant wait, does anyone know where to buy the extension tubes-accessories ?x

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