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Rotastak Pirate Ship

06 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | 1 comment
Rotastak Pirate Ship

Ahoy matey! The Rotastak Pirate Ship small animal cage will offer your pet all the adventure of the high seas without leaving home. The main living unit attaches to a dinning room complete with food bowl and water bottle, a loft, and the crow’s nest attic bedroom. Two sheets of pirate themed stickers let you decorate your fury friend’s new home. If you and your small pet need more adventure the ‘Home and Away’ unit detaches from the main hamster cage to be used as a secure carrying case to take your hamster, gerbil or mouse any where he needs to go.

All of our plastic hamster cages and accessories are designed with your small pet’s habits in mind. The tubes and tunnels fulfill small animal’s natural desires to burrow and tunnel and the small attic lofts offer them a cozy, enclosed sleeping area to make them feel safe and at home.

Just like all of our other Rotastak hamster cages, you can rearrange and customize the Rotastak Pirate Ship hamster cage to suit your space and your small pet. Add Amazing Curvy Tubing to create burrows for your small pet to run through, or see how quickly he can climb with the Rotastak Tunnel Kit. Set sail for fun today!

Rotastak Pirate Ship Rotastak Pirate Ship
  1. Natalie mason07-11-11

    Fantastic product. I have just purchaced the pirate ship today and set it up in minutes. I have always had rotastaks as a child but not had a hamster for the last 10years. Gone back to the old faithful brand. The pirate ship has everything i wanted in the new home, spacious maxi, dining room, the what i have named the wheel room and the cosy bedroom. My hamster is very happy in his 1st home. With the option to add the stickers and for them to be re positional too is an added bonus. Thank you rotastak.

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