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Rotastak Space Command Unit

11 Oct Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | 6 comments
Rotastak Space Command Unit

The Rotastak Space Command Unit lets your hamster, gerbil or mouse blast off for adventure. This fantastic hamster cage includes a main living area, an attic bedroom and a watchtower to let him see 360 degrees. There’s a wheel to keep him in tip top shape for his important missions and water bottle and food dish. A long curvy tube connects the bottom level living area with the watchtower for an exciting shortcut from top to bottom. The Home and Away Travel Case attaches to add an extra room, and features a handle and two door locks so you can use it as a carrying case or a place to keep your pet safe while you clean the cage.

The tubes and tunnels add to the fun you’ll have watching your hamster, but they also mimic his natural environment helping him get comfy in his new small pet cage faster. Small animals love to burrow, forage and tunnel, and we wanted to create a line of plastic hamster cages that let them be themselves.

You can customize the tubing, and add extra tunnels and tubes to make your plastic hamster cage truly one of a kind. The tubes, tunnels and watchtower cover are all made with colourful see-through plastic to ensure you never miss a second of the fun your hamster has in his small pet cage. Add one of our other space themed accessories like the Space Sphere and Tubing Kit that allows your hamster to turn around in the tube and offers a 360 degree view, the Rotastak Mission Pod or the Rotastak Lunar Module to build you small pet a home as big as your imagination.

Rotastak Space Command Unit Rotastak Space Command Unit
  1. Melanie and Anthon03-12-11

    Hi – thank you for coming up with such fun desighned cages for Hamsters – my 5 year old and I love to create special places for our Hamster Nibbles! We have just ordered the Adventure Zone cage and we have extra tubes, etc.
    We did buy the space command originally but I just could not connect up the long tube and was afraid we would lose Nibbles. As we are waiting for our new one – any reassurance that he won’t be able to push out the plugs? and will he be easily able to get up the smooth tubes? Ps – we are in Lincolnshire so not far from your headquarters!

  2. admin03-15-11

    Hi Melanie,

    Rotastak cages can be a tad tricky to put together but the best way we’ve found is to use the picture on the front as a guide of how things should end up. The plugs are also usually tight fitting, although if some appear loose it’s worth trying them in other holes as even a millimeter of difference in the size of the tube can have a huge impact on how tight they are.

    Hope that helps!

  3. kieran08-19-11

    Hi: I just bought a Command Centre but it has no instructions and I cannot work out how to put it together. Can I download an instruction sheet?

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