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Rotastak Super Pod

06 Nov Posted by in Rotastak Hamster Cages | Comments
Rotastak Super Pod

The Rotastak Super Pod is the deluxe version of the Rotastak Cosmo Pod hamster cage, offering even more space and fun for your small pet. Hamsters, gerbils and mice will love running on the Rainbow Runner wheel, or climbing from the main floor up to the mezzanine level through the tube. This small animal cage comes with everything you need to make your pet at home, including water bottle, food dish and anti-gnaw rings. After a long day of burrowing and foraging your hamster can retire to his wood shavings for a much needed rest, and then wake up refreshed to do it all over again.

The Super Pod features additional ports to combine as many tubes and Rotastak accessories as you like. The tubes and tunnels simulate a your small pet’s natural environment because they can burrow and climb through the tubes. Use tunnels to attach additional units or accessories to your plastic hamster cage like the Rotastak Home and Away Travel Case. It’s a secure carrying case that can double as an extra room with any Rotastak plastic hamster cage, and is perfect for keeping your small animal safe while cleaning his home.

We know you love watching your hamster play, that’s why all of our tubes and accessories are made with see-through plastic so you never miss a moment. Hamster are amazing creatures and will create different spaces for sleeping, eating, exercise and  play in their small pet cages. Just wait to see what yours does next!

Rotastak Super Pod Rotastak Super Pod

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